2024 Elections

Primary Election

August 6, 2024

Who will be on this ballot?

In Newaygo County we will see Precinct Delegate Candidates, US Senate Candidates, MI House Candidates, County Candidates, Township Candidates and more.

This is your time to vote for an America First Candidate to represent us. We must all get out and VOTE!

General Election

November 5, 2024

If you didn’t vote in any of the other elections this year, now is not the time to sit this one out. We need every Patriot Citizen to vote.

Early in-person voting begins on October 26th and ends on November 3rd. Contact your clerk for voting location.

If you are unable to vote in-person, please contact your clerk for an Absentee Ballot.

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General Election

November 5, 2024

We need to take back the White House, the US Senate, keep the US House, regain control of the MI Senate & House and elect America First Republicans in our County, Townships & Cities.

We ask every Republican to VOTE!

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Let Your Voice Be Heard

There are times when we need to remind our Representatives exactly who they work for. Click the link for contact information of our elected officials.

He Won His Campaign Without Social Media! It turns out, talking to people and winning them over actually works! 

If You Put Forth The Effort, You CAN Win!

Watch this video, you may decide it’s time to stand and take action.




Mission Statement

Newaygo County Grassroots is an assembly of constitutional conservative citizens. We are engaged in creating change in our local and state government. Our mission is to restore Integrity, Accountability, Representation, and Freedom as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Core Values

Integrity – Newaygo County Grassroots strives for honesty, truthfulness, and strong moral principles in its members, candidates, governmental, and elected officials.

Accountability – Newaygo County Grassroots monitors and researches governmental operations to hold elected officials and those working in public positions accountable. 

Representation – Newaygo County Grassroots searches out everyday citizens that want to represent the people of their district while being fiscally responsible and shrinking governmental overreach. 

Freedom – Newaygo County Grassroots believes that our freedoms are God-given to ALL and acknowledged in our nation’s founding documents. Our members, candidates, and governmental officials must defend and support the individual’s rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as intended in our nation’s founding documents.

Use Caution – The Below Music Video Is Not Suitable for Children – Cuss Words and Foul Language.


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The Way to Change Government 
is to Get Involved in Government

Citizens monitoring and engaging our government with strategic Action Teams

Take part in your community and help take our nation back to the founding principles


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