America First Candidates have been getting elected across Michigan and all across America.  There are more of us than there are of them.  It is up to us (Patriots) to let the elite know that we will not stand for business as usual.  We will not stand for any more corruption, and that we are taking these positions of power back to ensure that We The Peoples voices are heard. 
It’s Not Too Early To Put Your Hat In The Ring!
We are searching for America First candidates, now, to challenge all the Officials currently holding office in our County!
Some of our Officials placed an “R” behind their name to get elected, but they aren’t actually Republicans, they’re Democrats.  But they know it would be difficult to get elected with a “D” behind their name in Newaygo County.
Fill out the form and let us know what position you desire.  We will help you research the position; i.e. responsibilities, pay, benefits, etc… 
Your information will be kept private between the Grassroots Leadership Team and yourself until the time is right to announce.  Then, once you’ve announced your candidacy, we will do everything we can to help you get elected!

This is how it’s done!  We need to prepare, NOW, for 2024.  

2024 America First Candidate Search

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