Agenda Grinding America Down

How did Socialism get into our Government?
Why is Critical Race Theory in our schools?
Why are American schools ranked 14th in the world?
Why do we still have open borders?
Do you believe there was election fraud?
Are you Exasperated, Irritated and Outraged?
Are you ready to make changes we can believe in?
Are you ready to take back control?

Grinding America Down

A Movie by Curtis Bowers
Newaygo County • (989) 800-1776 Oceana County • (231) 742-0577
• Exposes How We Got Here!
• Patriots Come, We Will Stand Together!
• “We The People” Will Make America Great Again!
Showing FREE in Two Locations
(See Trailer at :

Fremont Community Recreation Center
201 East Maple St. • Fremont, MI 49412
Thursday, April 14, 2022 • 6:30-8:30 P.M.

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