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for Green Charter Township.

Green Township Meeting dated 4/11/23. Added to this Site on 4/12/23.

A Must Read! No Environmental Impact Report? – Visit this link for the below article in the Big Rapids Pioneer. Article Added to this Site on April 11.

The Below Rally Cry was Added to this Site on April 9th.

Join us on Earth Day ‘23 , April 22nd from 1 to 5 for a fun day of rallying and fundraising, filled with music, speakers and taking a stand against the dangerous Gotion factory in our community. Keep Green Charter Township GREEN!!!

Below Video Is From April 7th and Added To This Site on April 8th. 

Below Video Is From April 5th and Added To This Site on April 6th.

Added to Site March 31st.  Call To Action!

Attention Patriots!

Now is the time to use our First Amendment right and peacefully protest against the Chinese based, environmentally dangerous Gotion plant that is planned to be built in Green Charter Township.

This communist owned plant is proposed to take up well over 500 acres of our natural farm land, forest and residential areas.

We the People of Michigan and the USA, will not have it!

Join us and let your voice be added to the many who are against the corrupt township board, the Chinese Communist Party, and threatening environmental catastrophe!

When- April 5th 4pm to 730 pm

Where- the public areas (side walks, parks etc) starting at the entrance of Ferris on state street going north.


We are starting this at 4 to try and reach the most people with our messaging, BUT we need FULL FORCE for the meeting at 6:30. So if you can’t make it at 4, but can be there by 6:30, then PLEASE get there! If you get there by 4, please plan to stay for the whole thing, if possible.

DO NOT block any traffic or people. Allow all folks to walk or drive down streets.

DO NOT protest at any board members private residence. We are not wanting to threaten them, we just want our voices heard.

Even though we are Patriots and support all of our God given rights that are protected by the Bill of Rights, DO NOT open-carry any firearms. This is a peaceful protest and should not intimidate anyone.

Messaging on signs should be easy to read for passing vehicles, family friendly (no cussing), and we would like to stick to the two main points, which is environmental dangers and China dangers.

Park on side streets (public parking). Parking in a business or on the college campus may not be allowed.

Parking at the college will require a guest pass for each individual.
PARKING ONLY, no protesting on on campus property!

Parking permit website is:

Any questions- Please contact Isaiah Davison or one of the other organizers.

Thank you

The below article was posted online in the Pioneer on 3/28/2023 and added to this site on 3/29/2023

Pioneer –

Gotion battery plant panel discussion moves to virtual only for public safety reasons

“Multiple out-of-the-area groups are recruiting to use ANTIFA tactics to shut down Green Township’s panel discussion on April 5,” Chapman said. Read the complete article here.

The below Battery Plant Panel Discussion information has been copied directly from the Green Charter Township website at

Note: The April 5th meeting location has changed due to the anticipated number of attendees. 

This information was added to this site on  3/23/2023.

Video clip below added to this site on 3/23/2023.

This clip with Tudor Dixon and Tucker Carlson regarding the Gotion Battery Plant aired on Tucker Carlson Tonight on 03/22/2023.

Note: This clip is not about Jan 6th, it’s about the CCP being smack dab in the Middle of our State!

Statement Below Dated 3/21/23 – Here is the next step…

The next step for the Chinese Communist party Gotion battery plant is for the big buck$ to go before the Senate Appropriations Committee this coming Wednesday, March 22nd at 2pm. I’ve been told it is not up for vote, only discussion, but we know how the Legislature has been run these past couple of months, so I wouldn’t put it past them to ram it right through. Whitmer and her friends at the World Economic Forum are itching to get this signed.

Here’s what you can do. Click on the link and contact, either by email or phone or BOTH, ALL of the Democrat senators on this committee. Republicans already hear us, but they are outnumbered on this (and all) committees. Democrats need to hear about the hazards and risks to the environment that this plant poses. Please be polite and respectful, but very clear about the fact that you DO NOT support this plant going in here or ANYWHERE in Michigan.

Talking points could be:

🇨🇳 We do not want a hostile nation buying up our state land with TAXPAYER MONEY.

🇨🇳The owner and founder of Gotion Holdings is a member of the Chinese communist party. His son, President of Gotion High-Tech, is a member of the WEF and of the CPPCC (see pictures for details).

🇨🇳They will be on this land TAX FREE for 30 years.

🏞️They want to MOVE WETLANDS and bulldoze over what’s there.

🐟They will be building on a watershed, within a mile of the Muskegon River and close to fish hatcheries.

🚢They will be shipping in hazardous chemicals over the Great Lakes and then shipping them over to Big Rapids by truck over our roads.

💥They say they will follow EPA and EGLE guidelines. How did that work out for Ohio?

🌎The mining process for lithium destroys the earth and they use child slave labor to do it.

💧They want to build this within a few hundred feet of the wells that supply the city of Big Rapids with their water supply.

There are plenty more reasons why this is a very bad idea, and there are more listed on the other Grassroots post about this, but this is just off the top of my head. I will link the other post in the comments.

The other thing you can do is
You have a right and a duty to be at the hearing at 2pm on Wednesday. You can fill out a card to tell the committee which way you want them to vote, and you can even indicate if you would like to speak during the hearing. They may not let you speak, because that’s not been the way they’re running things, but we need to fight every single which way we can.

Mr. James Chapman pretended to listen to our concerns and those of his constituents last Tuesday when we OVERFLOWED the Green Charter Township meeting, then he showed up in Lansing the very next morning to beg the House Appropriations Committee for the millions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund his pet project. Will you let him be your voice in Lansing?
Staying silent is giving consent.

❓❓❓❓❓Do you consent?❓❓❓❓❓

Appropriations Regularly Scheduled Meetings
Wednesdays, 2:00 PM
Harry T. Gast Appropriations Room
3rd Floor, Capitol Building
100 S. Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933

Video Below Dated March 14, 2023.

Statement Below Dated Sunday, March 12, 2023.


There have not been and may not be many more opportunities for members of the greater community to hear or make comments on the Gotion Electric Vehicle lithium battery giga plant planned for Mecosta County, so attending every meeting is crucial. There are two upcoming events to make our voices heard.

The first of these public meetings is Tuesday, March 14th at 7pm. Green Charter Township will be holding their monthly board meeting. We need to tell them we want an OPEN FORUM to discuss concerns, not a controlled forum meant to silence us, which is what the second event in April will be. The April forum is listed below along with the details for the March 14th meeting. The way they’re conducting this forum will not allow open dialogue, only a one sided, biased flow of information.

There are many facets to be concerned about in regards to this plant going in. The two biggest facets are the environmental impacts and the fact that this company was founded in China and has 1/3 partial Chinese ownership. The ever present risk of the Chinese Communist Party’s dominance of every aspect of life in and outside of China is not something to overlook, since they are considered a hostile nation. 

Here is a list of cautions and dangers in regards to both concerns:

-Gotion ownership is proven to be partially controlled by CCP elements. The Gotion president is a member of the CCP AND the WEF (World Economic Forum)

-The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls everything in China. They will control Gotion, and they will control 500 acres of Michigan land on taxpayers dime

-No real answers have been given by Gotion to any questions so far. Only publicity activity. Nothing contractual.

-The giga plant will be within a few miles of the new cyber security program at Ferris with access to US spy satellites.

-America is currently in a Cold War with China.

-Factories, farmland, companies, media outlets are merely forward operating bases.

-Some states are already banning Chinese ownership in their state.

-China finances “Confucius Centers” in many major universities including U of M which are used to gather information on America.

-Chinese business operations outside of China brings their own police force to control its workers. The FBI recently closed down the station in NYC.

Environmental concerns are just as serious:

*Chinese company buying over 500 acres of beautiful woods and farmland, TAX FREE for 30 years

*Bulldozing countless acres, destroying wildlife and endangered species habitat to MOVE THE WETLANDS

*Very near to the Muskegon River and on a watershed

*Next to airport

*Pollution of water and air and ground contamination – what will they do with the thousands of gallons of contaminated waste water?

*Planned operations of 6 days a week, around the clock

*Toxic chemicals transported into area by water and train

*Stored materials have risk of explosions and fire

*Potential for release of poisonous gasses

*Hazardous to aquatic life and other ecosystems

*Big Rapids resources will be overwhelmed – 38,000 gallons of water usage PER HOUR

*Health risks for employees, including cancer and respiratory ailments

The facility is expected to produce up to 150,000 tons of cathode material and 50,000 tons of anode material a year. What does this mean exactly? What raw materials will be shipped over our Great Lakes and over our land by train? Cobalt, manganese, lithium, aluminum, nickel, and graphite are just a small list of those materials. They may be naturally occurring, but the mining of some of these materials are horrific for the earth and pose health risks to the people mining them AND the people working with them. The risks to our environment are not just risks for the people of Mecosta County, but to everyone surrounding Mecosta County, all the way to Lake Michigan. Michigan has the largest freshwater lakes in the world, and we DO NOT want them put at risk or destroyed.

If East Palestine taught us anything, it’s taught us that we cannot rely on our government that we fund with our taxpayer money to take care of Americans in the event of a catastrophic event. The EPA has done little to nothing for the people of East Palestine and it’s doubtful that will change. We MUST have these issues at the forefront of our minds as we consider this plant being put in. Big business and big government do NOT care what happens to the people in our communities or the land we live on and their history proves that. Big business WILL pollute our land, and big government WILL let them. Please plan on attending any and all events that come up to protest this plant.

WHO: Green Charter Township
WHAT: Board Meeting
WHERE: Green Township Hall – 21431 Northland Dr, Paris, MI 49338
WHEN: Tuesday, March 14th @ 7pm
WHY: To tell them we want an open forum, not a one sided show

WHO: Green Charter Township
WHAT: Informational meeting/Panel Discussion regarding the upcoming Gotion Battery Plant.
WHERE: Green Township Hall – 21431 Northland Dr, Paris, MI 49338
WHEN: Wednesday April 5 @ 6:30pm

OR: Online at GoToMeeting via the link on their website

Here are some articles for further reading, including Whitmer’s announcement back in October, and a list of questions from the Big Rapids Township Board and links showing the ties between the CCP and WEF: