We are a grassroots registered political action committee.

We are a peaceful assembly of Citizens petitioning our Government.

Mission Statement

Newaygo County Grassroots is an assembly of constitutional conservative citizens. We are engaged in creating change in our local and state government. Our mission is to restore IntegrityAccountabilityRepresentation, and Freedom as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Core Values

Integrity – Newaygo County Grassroots strives for honesty, truthfulness, and strong moral principles in its members, candidates, governmental, and elected officials.

Accountability – Newaygo County Grassroots monitors and researches governmental operations to hold elected officials and those working in public positions accountable. 

Representation – Newaygo County Grassroots searches out everyday citizens that want to represent the people of their district while being fiscally responsible and shrinking governmental overreach. 

Freedom – Newaygo County Grassroots believes that our freedoms are God-given to ALL and acknowledged in our nation’s founding documents. Our members, candidates, and governmental officials must defend and support the individual’s rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as intended in our nation’s founding documents.

What We Do

 –  We conduct monthly meetings, open to the public, to learn about our efforts and encourage citizens to get involved.

 –  We encourage the patriot citizenry to reach out to our elected officials on important topics and issues of concern to let our voices be heard.

 –  The patriots of Newaygo County Grassroots help candidates get elected by door knocking, placing candidate signs, fundraising and more.

 –  We educate people on the importance of getting America First Precinct Delegates elected. We search for America First candidates to fill Precinct Delegate positions and help them get elected.

 –  We work diligently, in conjunction with the Newaygo County GOP, on Election Integrity. 

 –  We research elected official term expiration dates, find America First candidates to fill expiring positions, and help America First candidates in their campaigns. 

 –  In conjunction with the Newaygo County GOP, we thoroughly vet candidates.

 –  Once candidates have been thoroughly vetted, Newaygo County Grassroots takes a straw poll of its’ grassroots attendees to determine who Newaygo County Grassroots will endorse. 

 –  We conduct community outreach and promote community activism along with promoting and encouraging attendance to specific community events. 

 –  We conduct research on Legislative Activities at the State level and communicate with our attendees the findings and how they can make a difference.

 –  We encourage our attendees to visit the Capital when pressing issues need to be addressed and let their voices be heard.

 –  We provide this website as a dedicated location for grassroots patriots to learn about their government and be a hub for needed resources and information.

 –  We open eyes to the corruption in our Government and its weaponization against Christians and Republicans.

 –  We don’t fear for ourselves, we fear for our fellow man and the future of America.

If this sounds like something you align with, want to hear what we are doing or want to help us in any way possible, please REGISTER to receive text and email messages regarding events, call-to-actions and be reminded of our monthly meetings.